Sunday, November 28, 2010

A Chance Out

^In case you somehow missed that video. It was featured in YTPNews and has quickly become a YTP source itself.

The guy is making valid statements and suggestions about how we could turn YTP into a truly remarkable and recognized art form. Ever since I first found YTP I dreamed of that too. Like Stu, I always dreamed of a TV show where they would feature the best YTPs. That kind of inspired some of my work. YTP of the week, the YTP artist archvies, and the YTP academy was based on the thought of it too.

I'm planning to make this happen. And I hope you guys got my back on this one, I appreciate you having my back in other situations but of all times I really need you, now is that time.

YTPNews gave a very true statement, all of us could write a book about YTP defining what it is. But hardly anyone would agree with that. Walrusguy would be anti-effects, CommanderGwonam or other high effects artists might dismiss the sentence mixing and visual arts as lesser value.

Ever since I've signed on Youtube with this account back in september, I gotta say, I've been gathering up a lot of great artists who collaborate with other artists on my channel. I once talked about the YTP Theory, I'm sure most of you have heard. It was going to be a long explanation of in broad terms, what YTP was.

I've put it aside, but I think I need to revive it now. Stu said that there would never be an official Gospel for the YTP. Professor Bailey used the Bible as a comparitive sign of how art is.

Well, let's focus in on that. There are four books of the Gospel in case you didn't know, they contradict eachother in so many ways. (Hence the reason many people criticize Christianity)

What I'm suggesting, is that we all work together. To create: "YTP Theory: Book of Drakon" submit it to this guy, and show the world that YTP can become a big thing!

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