Sunday, November 28, 2010

A Chance Out

^In case you somehow missed that video. It was featured in YTPNews and has quickly become a YTP source itself.

The guy is making valid statements and suggestions about how we could turn YTP into a truly remarkable and recognized art form. Ever since I first found YTP I dreamed of that too. Like Stu, I always dreamed of a TV show where they would feature the best YTPs. That kind of inspired some of my work. YTP of the week, the YTP artist archvies, and the YTP academy was based on the thought of it too.

I'm planning to make this happen. And I hope you guys got my back on this one, I appreciate you having my back in other situations but of all times I really need you, now is that time.

YTPNews gave a very true statement, all of us could write a book about YTP defining what it is. But hardly anyone would agree with that. Walrusguy would be anti-effects, CommanderGwonam or other high effects artists might dismiss the sentence mixing and visual arts as lesser value.

Ever since I've signed on Youtube with this account back in september, I gotta say, I've been gathering up a lot of great artists who collaborate with other artists on my channel. I once talked about the YTP Theory, I'm sure most of you have heard. It was going to be a long explanation of in broad terms, what YTP was.

I've put it aside, but I think I need to revive it now. Stu said that there would never be an official Gospel for the YTP. Professor Bailey used the Bible as a comparitive sign of how art is.

Well, let's focus in on that. There are four books of the Gospel in case you didn't know, they contradict eachother in so many ways. (Hence the reason many people criticize Christianity)

What I'm suggesting, is that we all work together. To create: "YTP Theory: Book of Drakon" submit it to this guy, and show the world that YTP can become a big thing!

Friday, November 26, 2010

It's not just me right?

Recently, I planned on taking a trip to The Walrusguy Memorial channel to get a little inspiration for some upcoming YTPs. My opinion on walrusguy is really strange, I like his videos but I hate him and all of his fans. I was reminded why that is today:

Take a look at all the comments. It's a bunch of people whining and complaining about YTP being dead for these reasons: Walrusguy quit, Krobo is suspended permanantly, and Deepercutt doesn't post videos as often. TELL ME THAT I'M NOT THE ONLY ONE WHO THINKS THEY ARE ALL IDIOTS!

Let me get this straight with all of you. All three of them were good artists, Walrus, Deeper, and Krobo. But YTP isn't just gonna suddenly die because three of the five most overrated artists are gone (CaptainOhYeah and I are the other two). I mean, surely there's no one called cs188 who posts the best YTPs almost once a week and he's better than walrusguy right? No, there is someone called cs188 he does make the best YTPs of all time but these idiots just can't realize that. They probably don't even know who DinnerWarrior, Imaperson, CommanderGwonam, and Captpan6 are!

The moral of the story is that YTP is not dead and all walrusguy fanboys are really freaking annoying.

Edit: Addition to moral of the story: I'm also an angry person who takes things too seriously.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


A lot of things have been making me think about my YTP retirement recently. YER0CKY retiring, CaptainOhYeah possibly being gone forever, Krobo being knocked out for good, and a lot of other things. I enjoy YTP, and I plan to for a really long time. But of course I will have to retire some day like all other artists. And I just want to let my true fans know when that should be.

I just started high school this year. So far, I have a bit more time on my hands than I need. This will probably change before this year ands and I'll have less and less time each year. When I graduate from high school, most likely, I'll work on my retirement YTP the entire summer until it is finished and as amazing as I can make it. Maybe every now and again I'll sign in to see whoever is left and how their progress is coming. But not often, once college starts I plan to leave YTP behind.

But no worries, I got four years to become overrated. YTP's about only 4 years old at the moment isn't it? So if you've been a good enough fan to read this through you're lucky because now you get a little treat and I'll tell you something.

Before I retire, my goal is to reach 10,000 subscribers. I've been making YTP for a month. If I hadn't removed subscribers, I'd have well over 100 now. And at some point in time I do plan to stop removing subscribers. So let's calculate. 150 times 12 is 1800. So I should have about 2000 by my first year of making YTPs, jeez, that's overrated. 2000 times 4 is 8000. So hopefully, I'm underestimating and I'll have about 9000 by the time I graduate high school. And then maybe my retirement YTP can be my 10,000 sub special, it is fitting.

Anyways, here's the treat. The list of subscriber special ideas I have.

100subs- I use famous YTP artists in my epic card game with DaThings1
500subs- I attempt to recreate my first YTP so that its actually good, all Dragons will get shout-outs
1000subs- I give a shout-out to my #1 inspiration YER0CKY before I battle the king of evil
5000subs- Not entirely sure. Probably part 1 of my 10,000 sub special
OVER 9000subs- Preview of my 10,000 sub special part 2
10,000subs- I thank everyone for helping me reach my dream number and retire in peace, and I reveal who the real Joe is (my face)

So hopefully I can achieve these goals with your help. Thank you for reading this. It means a lot to me that you did.

Monday, November 15, 2010

New Cou Story

Well, I'm pretty pissed at the moment. My first friend on youtube, spongewithguns is driving me slightly insane with all these things that he's doing. Let me explain.

A while back, spongewithguns deleted all of his videos and randomly unsubscribed from tons of people, joking about it too. (I didn't particularly care about that, he never subbed to me in the first place) He sent me a message titled. I will be dormant. Here are the contents of it:



So I asked him what was going on and things and this was his reply.

Nevermind, its just that in my life right now everything is becoming good and bad at the same time."

I sent him a message sympathizing, but then the strangeness continued as he said he was gonna quit again, and that he'd never beat Cs188. I asked for an explanation and here's what I got:

"Tons Of Certain events are going on in my life that are Up's And Down's...
Like My Grandmother was 1 step away from passing away so my Mom had to fly all the way on the other side of the world. (Phillipines)
And, uhh school has started and much more things are happening.
I also want to start acting like a ytper.
Like: Weird Comments,Only like 20 Subscriptions and yeah...
I wanna start out fresh..
Like when SWG was SWT he used to comment on videos alot.
And now he doesn't comment at all.
So, this YTP stuff is really changing the way of how i act.
Im sorry if this is causing so much confusion..."

I would have understood if he had just said the part about his grandmom, but then the other part. About being a real YTPer and acting like santawithguns made me upset because he was trying to copy people. So I told him he shouldn't, and he just shrugged me off and told me how progress on his YTP was going.

After a while, I got caught up in other things and had no time to pay attention to whatever spongewithguns chose to do. I had upset SBSQeditor and was trying to make peace, I was busy focusing on trying to get people to enter my contest, and decided to focus on helping some new friends like CorruptedMotives, AmericanMangaka, and CaptainStringCheese. Not to mention the suspension of Doomzappo's account and everything.But, in the middle of this time spread. DaKrabster closed his account and I received a message from spongewithguns asking:

"He Die or something?"
I explained to him what had happened. Or, what CloneOhHigh told me. And it eventually led up to this response:

"wow, i never really liked him for trolling my vids.
and i still dont lol"

Anyways, before or after this event. I'm too lazy to go and check, spongewithguns started taking steps to being like SWT. He rarely commented on anyone's channel, only answering questions asked to him on his own channel, not that it has any relevance to the story I'm telling, he also didn't upload videos as frequently (not the issue by the way) and started some projects and just uploaded them unfinished. (Didn't matter to me at the time, the projects were still good and he definitely put some work into them)

So the real spongewithguns slowly started to fade. Last I believe I saw of him was when he replied to my comment on his Love the Way You Lie YTP asking if it was good enough to be YTP of the week. Since then, his newly uploaded JB YTP has lost all of his sentence mixing skill he once had. Effects are still good, but it was bad coming from him. Link here:

He's removed my comments on his channel. And refusing to listen to me now, he's acting way to big for his own good. And I'm not giving up until I can knock some fucking sense into him.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Just a thought

I think that people who have Vegas and other editors better than WMM are really stupid if they use only memes. Thats just gay. I mean, you can have amazing effects and visuals and yet all you choose to do is memes. I only thought of this because of a combination of seeing a Vegas artist using memes and I thought back about my idea for my very first YTP. (This was back when I imagined eventually I'd be able to get vegas, but alas I never was, and WMM is not strong enough to carry it out, might try it as a 100 subscriber special when the time comes)

If I had Vegas, iMovie, Adobe, or anything that could carry out decent effects/visuals. Man, I would have so many freaking ideas its not even funny, but it would be funny... if I had vegas. (Did you get that joke?) So, its just me saying, if you are lucky enough to have an editor better than WMM, make the most of it, and don't f***ing use memes.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

My Real Subscribers

I have 69 subscribers, or so it appears. I actually could have a lot more, but in my view, I haven't even reached 69 yet, so I'm keeping it at that number until I earn 70 subscribers. Currently I only have a handful of real subscribers, here's a list and I'll update it from time to time.

Real Subscribers
DoomZappo (Subscribed Alts: demovideo1000, supersaiyancosmo, hackyb0mbz)
YER0CKY (Subscribed Alts: YEROCKY19, Alts I plan to make him subscribe to me with: worstYTPs)
RyanLion13Dood (Subcribed Alts: RyansDoods)
CaptainStringCheese (Subscribed Alts: CSCALT)
DaThings1 (Barely, subscribed probably because of the archive I made him, which is fair game)
MrWalrusGuy2 (which doesn't count because its me, but I'm not gonna remove it)

So in total that's only 18 Real Subscribers. And only 25 subscribers that I'll never remove.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Deepercutt Theory

The three most famous YTP artists: WalrusGuy, KroboProductions, and Deepercutt. With Walrus retired and his claims to never return (despite secret YTP activity on his alt, nostalgia is calling someone), and Krobo permanantly suspended with his next choice still in the air, Deepercutt is the last man standing.

Now Walrusguy was a sentence mixer, Krobo was an effects, Deepercutt was a meme user, which means at first glance and using data from the Walrusguy theory, it looks like YTP is gonna smash headfirst into the ground. But wait just a second, in his new YTP ( Deepercutt myseriously changes styles to an Effects/Visuals artist. Taking control of reversing, masking, and even a touch of ear rape to change his style dramatically. Memes are near eliminated.

So even though Deepercutt could have gone General Custer on us and drove YTP into the ground as a dead video genre never to be revived again, he's taken a great change to his style and is taking a great leap into the future of YTP. I'd say that I'd be proud to have him as a leader, but other artists are too close on his tail to say that he will hold his reign. CaptainOhYeah's possible return, CommanderGwonam racing to catch up with him, Captpan6 taking a steady march against him, and even young but lightning fast growing artists like cs188 shooting up, it doesn't look like Deepercutt can hold on to the high honor he holds.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

WalrusGuy Theory

This is a little tid-bit about walrusguy that I thought was too controversial and far-off to be included in the YTP theory (which I am still working on but haven't done much for recently). What would have happened if YTP had followed and gone in WalrusGuy's direction and he never got hacked?

Well first you have to understand what I mean by "WalrusGuy's Direction". I mean if YTP turned completely into WalrusGuy's style, and Nicholas was able to turn it into exactly what he wanted it to be. This would mean that Effects artists would decline so far and be even more rare than they are at this time. Artists would probably get into a rut of using WalrusGuy sources: "CDi, Super Mario, Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog, and Dr. Rabbit" If they chose not to adapt and go with different sources, originality would run out and slowly there would be less decent YTPs. WalrusGuy also could have easily inspired more meme spammers to take control of YTP. Eventually, (this is where the controversial far-off part happens) YTP would stop being funny and possibly even die out for good. Fortunately, Nicholas was hacked before YTP could take this dramatic wrong turn into demise. Ironically, this person may have saved us from the YTP apocolypse.

However, they probably did not do it with this idea in mind, they were just trying to get rid of WalrusGuy for good. And to this day, no one has any clue who did this. It could have been an angry effects artist pissed at Walrusguy for his belief that effects YTPs weren't actually YTP, it could have been a hacker looking for attention and trying to kill YTP all together, for all we know Colgate could have stooped as low as to hire someone to hack WalrusGuy their mortal enemy.

No matter what might have happened, and who prevented it from happening and with what intentions. YTP still flourishes today and the three styles of YTP, Effects Visuals and Sentence Mixing, all make up what is this wonderful thing called YTP. May it live on forever!

Monday, November 1, 2010

New Blog

What's happening? This is my blog that I'll use to post things that are YTP related. But don't necessarily deserve their own announcement video explaining them. Use this blog to gather information about my latest happenings. Or find out what's going on in this crazy world of YTP. A few things I'll be doing:

Interviews with YTP artists
Random announcements
Tips for YTP
And wild rants that I don't want to bore you with on my channel.