Thursday, December 30, 2010

Congratulations HotelWeegee!

HotelWeegee, one of my Drakon buddies has finally reached the high number of 1000 subscribers, and I got to say, he more than deserves it.

Now when I made my first account (masterhippomr) I was a spa-dinner fanboy. Not entirely sure how it ended up occurring, but I subscribed to HotelWeegee before he hit 500 subs. Most likely it was either because of his meme YTPs he previously made, or because he associated with Spongewithguns and Hurricoaster. Anyhow, I began talking to HotelWeegee a bit. What really made me a fan of his work was his 500 subscriber special, which even a spa-dinner fanboy like me could appreciate at the time. (This was probably a very good change for me, because at the time I did not like any ear rape or effects)

When the idea first came up of me creating a YTP on MasterHippoMr, HotelWeegee gave me his advice and wished me luck. However, I failed to get Sony Vegas and I was still blind to the fact that WMM was sitting right on the computer in my basement. After I closed my account (due to my close call with anonymous) I declared HotelWeegee one of the seven Lil Dragons and as a Lil Dragon he was given the honor to know that I was MasterHippoMr returned from the dead. (I was still playing it safe at the time) Later on, I became HotelWeegee's biggest fan by being the first to subscribe to his alternate account. And now, HotelWeegee is at 1000 subs, the big 1K, so I decided to interview him.

"I am going to interrogate you "until you shout: 'hey world, I'm for breakfast!'" Or just give you ten easily answered questions. My blog will be posted when you reach 1000 subscribers (which should be any day now) so answer them as if you've already hit that number.

1. One thousand subscribers is a big number for a YTP artist, can you say that when you started out that you thought you were going to reach this number?

No way, I started making poops for fun and I didn't think I would get many subscribers. I was surprised when I even got 10 subscribers!

2. So, do you plan on making a 1000 subscriber special? If so, would you be so kind as to reveal the source you will use?

Of course, I might use Spongebob as the the source like I did for 500, but I may change it since 1K is such a special occasion.

3. Your "Freddie Benson's gay games land him in double detention" has definitely made an impact on other people's styles and your own too. Do you think that you'll be able to duplicate or double your successes like this later on?

Freddie's Gay Games has to be one of my best poops I've ever made, and I don't know if I can make a poop like that again that will make everyone go nuts a second time, But its possible.

4. Honestly tell me, who is your favorite YTP artist?

My favorite pooper has to be Shroomhead1, his stuff is amazing. He is my biggest influence.

5. What is your favorite YTP of all time, or at least the YTP that influenced your style the most?

It has to be "Spencer and Chuck Harass Homosexuals" one of my favorite poops. It has inspired most of my Icarly poops too.

6. 1K is a huge milestone, but I'm thinking that you still want to get further. Could you possibly name a goal that you want to reach before the time that you stop making YTP?

I plan to keep making poops for as long as possible, but along the way I might get bored with making them and stop. But I would probably get bored at 5K, assuming I get that far. Or if I get suspended for whatever reason, that will end it too.

7. What general advice can you give to all YTP artists that want to be as great as you someday?

Have fun when you make poops, because if you're not having fun, then there is no point in making them. make poops for yourself and try not to care what others think.

8. Who is one person that you have to thank the most for helping you reach your fame in YTP?

I have to thank MyNameIsVargas. He taught me how to use Sony Vegas and Imovie, (the program I used before Vegas). And he inspired me to make poops and was one of my biggest influences from the beginning.

9. Why did you start YTP or better yet how? Like what was the first YTP you saw, and what made you want to make YTP?

I started YTP after seeing my first in early 2009 I cant remember the first one I saw, but after I kept seeing numerous poops and after enjoying them so much, I had to make them myself.

10. Give me one word that you think can define your entire journey to 1K subscribers


Joe's Bonus Irrelevant Question (extra points for answering): What is one thing that you think JoeTheBlueDragon needs to improve on in order to be a great YTP artist?

JOE KEEP DOING WHAT YOU'RE DOING YOU'RE DOING GREAT. (Translation: You cannot improve, just quit now Joe you have no hope as a YTP artist)"

HotelWeegee's Channel:

Freddie Benson's Gay Games Land Him in Double Detention: (In case you somehow didn't see it, or you want to watch it again for the heck of it)

HotelWeegee's 500 subscriber special:

HotelWeegee's Favorite Artist's Channel:

HotelWeegee's Shout-out Channel:

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