Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Deepercutt Theory

The three most famous YTP artists: WalrusGuy, KroboProductions, and Deepercutt. With Walrus retired and his claims to never return (despite secret YTP activity on his alt, nostalgia is calling someone), and Krobo permanantly suspended with his next choice still in the air, Deepercutt is the last man standing.

Now Walrusguy was a sentence mixer, Krobo was an effects, Deepercutt was a meme user, which means at first glance and using data from the Walrusguy theory, it looks like YTP is gonna smash headfirst into the ground. But wait just a second, in his new YTP ( Deepercutt myseriously changes styles to an Effects/Visuals artist. Taking control of reversing, masking, and even a touch of ear rape to change his style dramatically. Memes are near eliminated.

So even though Deepercutt could have gone General Custer on us and drove YTP into the ground as a dead video genre never to be revived again, he's taken a great change to his style and is taking a great leap into the future of YTP. I'd say that I'd be proud to have him as a leader, but other artists are too close on his tail to say that he will hold his reign. CaptainOhYeah's possible return, CommanderGwonam racing to catch up with him, Captpan6 taking a steady march against him, and even young but lightning fast growing artists like cs188 shooting up, it doesn't look like Deepercutt can hold on to the high honor he holds.

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