Tuesday, November 23, 2010


A lot of things have been making me think about my YTP retirement recently. YER0CKY retiring, CaptainOhYeah possibly being gone forever, Krobo being knocked out for good, and a lot of other things. I enjoy YTP, and I plan to for a really long time. But of course I will have to retire some day like all other artists. And I just want to let my true fans know when that should be.

I just started high school this year. So far, I have a bit more time on my hands than I need. This will probably change before this year ands and I'll have less and less time each year. When I graduate from high school, most likely, I'll work on my retirement YTP the entire summer until it is finished and as amazing as I can make it. Maybe every now and again I'll sign in to see whoever is left and how their progress is coming. But not often, once college starts I plan to leave YTP behind.

But no worries, I got four years to become overrated. YTP's about only 4 years old at the moment isn't it? So if you've been a good enough fan to read this through you're lucky because now you get a little treat and I'll tell you something.

Before I retire, my goal is to reach 10,000 subscribers. I've been making YTP for a month. If I hadn't removed subscribers, I'd have well over 100 now. And at some point in time I do plan to stop removing subscribers. So let's calculate. 150 times 12 is 1800. So I should have about 2000 by my first year of making YTPs, jeez, that's overrated. 2000 times 4 is 8000. So hopefully, I'm underestimating and I'll have about 9000 by the time I graduate high school. And then maybe my retirement YTP can be my 10,000 sub special, it is fitting.

Anyways, here's the treat. The list of subscriber special ideas I have.

100subs- I use famous YTP artists in my epic card game with DaThings1
500subs- I attempt to recreate my first YTP so that its actually good, all Dragons will get shout-outs
1000subs- I give a shout-out to my #1 inspiration YER0CKY before I battle the king of evil
5000subs- Not entirely sure. Probably part 1 of my 10,000 sub special
OVER 9000subs- Preview of my 10,000 sub special part 2
10,000subs- I thank everyone for helping me reach my dream number and retire in peace, and I reveal who the real Joe is (my face)

So hopefully I can achieve these goals with your help. Thank you for reading this. It means a lot to me that you did.


  1. All dragons does that include sec. dragons?
    10,000 subs seems alot...That's sad.. I'm the only one who ever comments here... Who is the king of evil?