Monday, March 21, 2011

Interview with BarneyIsPerverted

As we all know, a recent overnight YTP star has risen to high ranks in our community. He started off in a very amazing way and got what he deserved from the community in fame. BarneyIsPerverted is his username, some claim him to be SantaWithGun or Hurricoaster, but he has debunked these claims. (Personally I never got it, I don't think his style is like either of the two, if anything I think his style is most like Cs188. But there are several reasons he isn't him.) He's his own name, and he's dashing towards the top in YTP. So I decided to ask him a few questions while he was still, early in his career.

"It is time... the time that we ask the question... what is the meaning of life?" And it's so we can watch your marvelous YTPs. Now, I'd like to ask ye a few questions if you don't mind. You are one of the fastest to claim fame in YTP in so long now. Since we already know about your influences and favorite YTPers, we'll just skip onto the other important questions.

1. Your jump to fame has been fast and amazing. Were you even expecting the slightest bit that you would be able to have this many subscribers, what did you honestly think was going to happen?

I thought that my first video was pretty good, so I was optimistic about eventually being discovered. But I never expected to get 1000 subscribers in only a month. Maybe in a year, but definitely not a month. I was surprised to see how many of the pro YTPers actually liked my video enough to feature it on their channels. That was really what caused so many people to find me. I owe my success to Hurricoaster, cs188, SantaWithGuns, and anybody else who featured me.

2. Do you think you'll be able to hold this rate of subscribers, or do you think the fifteen minutes of fame are up and it's not going to be easy anymore?

 I doubt that my subscriber rate will stay the same. The reason is because most of my subscribers are users who discovered me through those other popular YTPers. Now that the people who frequently go to those users' channels have gotten a chance to see my videos, and decided to either subscribe to me or to not care, the only way for people to find me now is if they happen to find me by chance. Right now, I am getting around 10-20 subscribers on a normal day, and I don't even know where they are coming from or how they found me.

3. We know your favorite YTPers. But what would you say would be your favorite YTP of all time? If you can't think of it, then what is the YTP that has influenced your own work the most?

My favorite YTP of all time is "Mr Krabs and Squidward's Plan To Kill Spongebob" by SantaWithTeeth. That one is a classic. The first time I saw that video was a couple years ago, and I have watched it at least a hundred times since then. Somehow it NEVER gets old, even though I don't laugh at it as much as I used to. That's the thing about his videos...they are somehow really enjoyable to watch even when the humor has almost dried out. As for the most influential one, "It's Rip Snortin' Time" by Hurricoaster is the main one which I base my style off of. I don't use as many effects as he does, but he is the one who inspired me to do all that masking.

4. What is your plan from here on out? More spongebob YTPs, more YTPs of other sources, maybe a decrease in your speed of putting out YTPs?

I will probably do more Spongebob YTPs, as well as some poops from other kids' shows and some commercials. The problem with Spongebob is that there are only so many episodes that are "poopable" AND have not been edited so many times that I cannot possibly hope to do anything original with them. I am also not interested in editing any of the recent episodes, since those are crap. As for my speed in uploading, it will almost definitely slow down starting next school year. The reason for this is because right now, I'm taking online courses instead of going to school, and so I have a ton of free time on my hands. But next year I go back to school, and the year after that I go to college. I will still try to keep posting, but I will probably not be able to upload a 3-5 minute long video every couple weeks like I have been doing since I first started.

5. What do you have to say regarding some of the people who think your fanboys are out of control, and in some cases... just messed up in the head? Do you think your fans are perfectly in line, or would you prefer that they don't make it a big deal every time you comment on a video?

So far, nobody has made any comments about the way my fans behave. As for my opinion, I think most of my fans are perfectly normal, but there are a few of them who make a big deal about it when I comment on a video. I find it a little weird when that happens, since I am just a new user who only started making videos a little while ago. Not only that, but YTPers in general are just teens/young adults behind their computers who happen to have some editing skills and a good imagination. I don't know why people think that we are celebrities or something. I'm just glad that some people actually like my videos that much, and I usually find it amusing when people show their extreme fanboy-ism.
[Joe: For the record, I saw it in a comment on a video after someone raved about BiP commenting]

6. Tell me honestly, do you prefer your huge audience? Or would you have preferred to have some time as an underrated artist before you shot up to be the next big thing?

I like all the attention I have been getting. To be honest, I don't like the idea of being underrated. A long time ago, one of my friends and I used to make a bunch of random skit videos and put them on YouTube, hoping to get alot of views. We didn't. It does not feel good to put a ton of effort into something and get no recognition for it. I really enjoy posting a video and instantly getting a ton of comments from people telling me how much they like it. The only drawback to having all these subscribers is that now I feel more pressure to produce videos more quickly, but it is definitely worth it.

7. What do you think your best YTP you ever made was? Do you think the quality of your work is going up or down?

I still like "Spingebill Has A Pickle Fetish" the best. To me, that one is already a classic. That episode is by far the most poopable one out there, and I am extremely lucky that nobody beat me to any of the edits I put in there, since some of them seem so obvious. However, I usually surprise myself with how much I am able to do with each video. For instance, I thought at first that "Spingebill Is Very Insertive" was going to be a boring filler video based around a few clever jokes that I had thought of a long time ago, but as I actually started editing it, I was able to get more creative than I had originally expected. So maybe I will end up producing a video that I like even better, but until then, I will never know.

8. If you had to choose, would you choose to be an "all ear rape/effects" artist like Imaperson and Avojaifnot, or would you be a "sentence mixer only" artist like BenderPictures and SwishFilmsInc?

That's a really tough question. But if I had to choose, I would probably become an effects pooper, just because there are so many possibilities with those kinds of videos. Word splicing is great, but there are only so many times I can make Spongebob say "shit" before it gets old.

9. One day we all have to quit this game of YTP. When do you think you will quit? It can be a number of subscribers, or an amount of time?

I don't think I will ever make any plans on quitting. I'm not going to stop making videos just because I reach a certain number of subscribers. I think when I don't feel like making videos anymore, I will probably just slowly fade out. My posting frequency will get slower and slower, until I'm not making videos at all. And I won't close my account. But that will probably be a VERY long time from now, because I really enjoy making videos.

10. Using one word, describe your time as a YTPer so far


Joe's Irrelevant Bonus Question (Extra points for answering): What was the reason you subscribed to JoeTheBlueDragon? Was it for his channel or videos? If you had to choose now, what would it be?
I subbed you because you are a very dedicated YTP enthusiast, and I am interested in seeing what you post. I will admit that I believe you have alot of potential as a YTPer, but I am not quite sure that you are using all of it when you make your videos. Ideally you would make longer videos and use a more advanced editing software (YES, that does make a difference), but still I enjoy watching your vids.

[Translation: What kind of bonus question is that? Jeez, I hate this guy, I'd unsub but then he'd probably go on a freaking rant. I'm going to semi-answer this question, but only so I can piss him off by pulling the anti-WMM card]

And there you have it.

Links ahoy:
First video:
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Influencing YTP:

Oh, and also, BarneyIsPerverted recently signed up for "The Little Dragons"
Link here:

After you sign up, you can converse with him over the site, respond to his posts in discussions and see what he's up to.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Principle Introductions

Over my time in YTP, I've been noting down in my head a number of theories, principles, and historic events of YTP that seem to be highly influential. I introduced one of them a while ago, but that's not up anymore. So I'm gonna dish a few out.

The MadAnonymous Principle: MadAnonymous is a YTPer who takes CDi and makes it into some amazingly original YTPs, with a style that is really hard to copy. (I think if you used After Effects it wouldn't be that hard though, but I'm not sure) His work is a symbol that, no matter what the source may be, if you are a good editor, you can make it work. I'm willing to bet that this guy could take only one picture of the King, mix and mash it up into several different frames and it would still be an amazing video. CDi is not dead, you may think you're so smart and teaching people to be creative... but if you were creative... you would know how to use CDi well.

The Waxonator vs. WalrusGuy Principle: In what I've confirmed, the only reason that WalrusGuy reached the epic fame that he did was due to the fact that he was so innovative that it was scary. His videos pushed the boundaries of YTP out of the little corner it was in... making the way for people like Waxonator. I think some of Walrusguy's videos were amazing. However, why was someone like Waxonator, who completely copied Walrusguy treated with such harsh criticism... how come I don't like him like WG? Easy, Waxonator probably figured he could just be the next WalrusGuy and copy his style... but you can't copy innovation... it doesn't work. Waxonator could only copy the things WalrusGuy did... not what he was capable of. Therefore, the things Waxonator did were no longer innovative... they were unoriginal as heck.

The DaThings1 Principle: Named after him because I thought about it while I was watching one of his videos... I have no freaking idea if it really fits his style. It's good if you can take a source and mash it up into the most amazing plot line ever, that's wonderful. However, if you can't... you shouldn't attempt it. You should manipulate the source and take what's inside of it and rearrange it, don't try to form something amazing that never existed. (TrueTubePoops, TheChewanater, FlummyWister, and me... that means you fellas, even though none of you are reading this, except for me, cause I'm the idiot writing this stuff) It's quite alright to try to get a little bit out of the box for practice so later on you can handle big things. But until then, you should take what you have and make it work.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Release the Kraken

Now it's time for a blogpost I won't actually take down two days later.

If you're reading this, chances are you came from the video, but I'll recap anyways.

A little discussion popped up about the possibility of all of the Little Dragons and others having a place to go to discuss YTP outside of my channel. I didn't think much of it, but with the help of DoomZappo, the project started.

The site isn't necessarily as advanced, and it will change over time. But in order to update it to its best, we need people to use it. We need people to point out things that could use changing, and we need people to bring the site to life.

This is not a copy of YouChew, nor do I intend it to replace YouChew, or be even a quarter as big as it. I just feel as if YC has its flaws, and more importantly, us dragons should have our own little place to discuss YTP, that's more advanced than just comments on my channel.

If you're interested, then go for it and sign up, if you're not, that's perfectly fine by me.