Friday, November 26, 2010

It's not just me right?

Recently, I planned on taking a trip to The Walrusguy Memorial channel to get a little inspiration for some upcoming YTPs. My opinion on walrusguy is really strange, I like his videos but I hate him and all of his fans. I was reminded why that is today:

Take a look at all the comments. It's a bunch of people whining and complaining about YTP being dead for these reasons: Walrusguy quit, Krobo is suspended permanantly, and Deepercutt doesn't post videos as often. TELL ME THAT I'M NOT THE ONLY ONE WHO THINKS THEY ARE ALL IDIOTS!

Let me get this straight with all of you. All three of them were good artists, Walrus, Deeper, and Krobo. But YTP isn't just gonna suddenly die because three of the five most overrated artists are gone (CaptainOhYeah and I are the other two). I mean, surely there's no one called cs188 who posts the best YTPs almost once a week and he's better than walrusguy right? No, there is someone called cs188 he does make the best YTPs of all time but these idiots just can't realize that. They probably don't even know who DinnerWarrior, Imaperson, CommanderGwonam, and Captpan6 are!

The moral of the story is that YTP is not dead and all walrusguy fanboys are really freaking annoying.

Edit: Addition to moral of the story: I'm also an angry person who takes things too seriously.

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