Sunday, August 7, 2011


Ever since I started making YTP, even probably a little bit before that. People have had this special phrase that they like to say to me. They say it in different ways, but more or less, it all ends up sounding like this: "you're taking this too seriously". It is referring to how I talk about YTP, of course, and I want to go more close to this topic because recently, it has actually been kind of getting on my nerves.

I do not believe that a story starts best at the beginning, but that's where I'm starting nonetheless. Let's start before I even started making YTP. I did not know I had Windows Movie Maker installed on my computer, and my download to get Vegas had failed. I still really wanted to be a part of the community though. I thought, maybe if I study YTP and analyze it and learn everything about it, I can become a sort of professor to the community. (Bailey had beaten me though I believe) I watched many different YTPers, and I started to class them into three major groups. First being the sentence mixers, which covered: plot poopers, sex joke guys, satirical guys like DinWar, and any poopers who relied mostly on word based jokes. Secondly, the effects guys, which covered: Imaperson style, rape poops, older style poops, tennisers for the most part, and any YTP that used more effects than anything else. Lastly, the visual poopers (which never really caught on with people like the first two did) who had styles like: MadAnonymous' visuals, some flash poopers, most poops that relied mostly on visual gags, and I even included spa-dinner into this category.

People were interested in this, how someone could define poop into three categories. This triggered me to create a tool to use with this categorization. I created the "YTP Artist Archives" which were videos I made rating people on my three categories of YTP. These caught on even more... which only boosted my morale to continue. I don't really want to waste time on this part, the point is that I became a living station for YTP discussion because of this and I was seen as someone who focused in and saw the importance of YTP.

When I started making YTP, things started changing. I had gained a lot of subscribers because of what I said about YTP, not about what I made. This frustrated me, I wanted to stop doing all the things that I set up in the beginning because I thought that people would never be interested in what I made if I kept it up. Then I realized that if I stopped, nobody would care at all, so I chose to keep the fancy things and make YTP as well.

This is the part where things get interesting, because as I decide that my destiny in YTP is to continue treating it like an art-form. I stumble into a world where people want me dead becasue of that. I started becoming an active member of the YC community... in the poop talk section. After a while, I realized something, I didn't have the street cred that I did on my turf there. People were knocking me down left and right because I went in there trying to be a know-it-all when I still had a ton to learn. After a while, I started realizing that these were not people like me, I was dealing with an incredibly different community. These people looked at me, saw what I did and had no interest in it. They told me bluntly to stop taking something as silly as Youtube Poop so seriously.

At this point, I saw two major options. 1. Leave and go back to my own place where I could experiment with ideas as I wished, or 2. Assimilate into YC's culture and try to become one of them.

I chose neither. I viciously kept fighting, I just changed tactics, I started using sarcasm as a tool to keep myself from being hit with a "you're taking this too seriously". I would joke around all the time and never be serious, so that when I was serious, I could take it back as a joke if I needed to. This worked very well up until the point I started getting confused about who I really was. I needed to pick between two people, did I want to be "Joe who treats YTP as art" or "Joe who treats YTP as a game", because doing both was not working. During these times, I stopped being sarcastic and I started fighting for one side but claiming to be on the other. I started trying to be "one of them" on YC, until I cracked from the pressure.

YouChew had become more stress than it was fun, so I left. For this reason, and for far too many others to name. I should have never looked back, but I did... wanna know what I saw? One post... first line... "I think you're taking this too seriously". I exited from the site and swore to never return and to hate all the Chewers out there who tried to crush my spirit for YTP. They had wrecked me. I got lost in this world and decided the only way out was to cut myself from the people who were draining my energy for this art form.

Now people think I'm taking this YouChew thing too seriously, and I'm pretty sure I'll get someone telling me after this that I'm taking the entire thing too seriously.

What do I plan to do? Nothing. I'm who I am... why do I have to change the way I act for anybody, I don't have to change the way I act. If I want to take this too seriously, I will, if I want to joke about it afterwards I will. YouChew, Axe and Stu in particular, you won't drain my energy for YTP... no one will. I am gonna take this shit so seriously, that I'll stop taking it seriously. Behind this message, is some kid who wants to enjoy YTP in his own way... and that's exactly what he's going to do.

I hope you enjoyed this overly serious message from your seriously serious friend Joe.

If you read this, comment on my channel "SRS BIZNES YO" and tell me what you think. Am I taking this too seriously? Don't answer that, I already know the answer. Tell me what you think, and I'll decide whether I want to take that seriously. I'll take it all too seriously, and when I'm done, I'll be completely serious about it. I'll be counting how many comments say I'm taking this too seriously, I'm serious about that.