Monday, November 15, 2010

New Cou Story

Well, I'm pretty pissed at the moment. My first friend on youtube, spongewithguns is driving me slightly insane with all these things that he's doing. Let me explain.

A while back, spongewithguns deleted all of his videos and randomly unsubscribed from tons of people, joking about it too. (I didn't particularly care about that, he never subbed to me in the first place) He sent me a message titled. I will be dormant. Here are the contents of it:



So I asked him what was going on and things and this was his reply.

Nevermind, its just that in my life right now everything is becoming good and bad at the same time."

I sent him a message sympathizing, but then the strangeness continued as he said he was gonna quit again, and that he'd never beat Cs188. I asked for an explanation and here's what I got:

"Tons Of Certain events are going on in my life that are Up's And Down's...
Like My Grandmother was 1 step away from passing away so my Mom had to fly all the way on the other side of the world. (Phillipines)
And, uhh school has started and much more things are happening.
I also want to start acting like a ytper.
Like: Weird Comments,Only like 20 Subscriptions and yeah...
I wanna start out fresh..
Like when SWG was SWT he used to comment on videos alot.
And now he doesn't comment at all.
So, this YTP stuff is really changing the way of how i act.
Im sorry if this is causing so much confusion..."

I would have understood if he had just said the part about his grandmom, but then the other part. About being a real YTPer and acting like santawithguns made me upset because he was trying to copy people. So I told him he shouldn't, and he just shrugged me off and told me how progress on his YTP was going.

After a while, I got caught up in other things and had no time to pay attention to whatever spongewithguns chose to do. I had upset SBSQeditor and was trying to make peace, I was busy focusing on trying to get people to enter my contest, and decided to focus on helping some new friends like CorruptedMotives, AmericanMangaka, and CaptainStringCheese. Not to mention the suspension of Doomzappo's account and everything.But, in the middle of this time spread. DaKrabster closed his account and I received a message from spongewithguns asking:

"He Die or something?"
I explained to him what had happened. Or, what CloneOhHigh told me. And it eventually led up to this response:

"wow, i never really liked him for trolling my vids.
and i still dont lol"

Anyways, before or after this event. I'm too lazy to go and check, spongewithguns started taking steps to being like SWT. He rarely commented on anyone's channel, only answering questions asked to him on his own channel, not that it has any relevance to the story I'm telling, he also didn't upload videos as frequently (not the issue by the way) and started some projects and just uploaded them unfinished. (Didn't matter to me at the time, the projects were still good and he definitely put some work into them)

So the real spongewithguns slowly started to fade. Last I believe I saw of him was when he replied to my comment on his Love the Way You Lie YTP asking if it was good enough to be YTP of the week. Since then, his newly uploaded JB YTP has lost all of his sentence mixing skill he once had. Effects are still good, but it was bad coming from him. Link here:

He's removed my comments on his channel. And refusing to listen to me now, he's acting way to big for his own good. And I'm not giving up until I can knock some fucking sense into him.

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