Sunday, August 7, 2011


Ever since I started making YTP, even probably a little bit before that. People have had this special phrase that they like to say to me. They say it in different ways, but more or less, it all ends up sounding like this: "you're taking this too seriously". It is referring to how I talk about YTP, of course, and I want to go more close to this topic because recently, it has actually been kind of getting on my nerves.

I do not believe that a story starts best at the beginning, but that's where I'm starting nonetheless. Let's start before I even started making YTP. I did not know I had Windows Movie Maker installed on my computer, and my download to get Vegas had failed. I still really wanted to be a part of the community though. I thought, maybe if I study YTP and analyze it and learn everything about it, I can become a sort of professor to the community. (Bailey had beaten me though I believe) I watched many different YTPers, and I started to class them into three major groups. First being the sentence mixers, which covered: plot poopers, sex joke guys, satirical guys like DinWar, and any poopers who relied mostly on word based jokes. Secondly, the effects guys, which covered: Imaperson style, rape poops, older style poops, tennisers for the most part, and any YTP that used more effects than anything else. Lastly, the visual poopers (which never really caught on with people like the first two did) who had styles like: MadAnonymous' visuals, some flash poopers, most poops that relied mostly on visual gags, and I even included spa-dinner into this category.

People were interested in this, how someone could define poop into three categories. This triggered me to create a tool to use with this categorization. I created the "YTP Artist Archives" which were videos I made rating people on my three categories of YTP. These caught on even more... which only boosted my morale to continue. I don't really want to waste time on this part, the point is that I became a living station for YTP discussion because of this and I was seen as someone who focused in and saw the importance of YTP.

When I started making YTP, things started changing. I had gained a lot of subscribers because of what I said about YTP, not about what I made. This frustrated me, I wanted to stop doing all the things that I set up in the beginning because I thought that people would never be interested in what I made if I kept it up. Then I realized that if I stopped, nobody would care at all, so I chose to keep the fancy things and make YTP as well.

This is the part where things get interesting, because as I decide that my destiny in YTP is to continue treating it like an art-form. I stumble into a world where people want me dead becasue of that. I started becoming an active member of the YC community... in the poop talk section. After a while, I realized something, I didn't have the street cred that I did on my turf there. People were knocking me down left and right because I went in there trying to be a know-it-all when I still had a ton to learn. After a while, I started realizing that these were not people like me, I was dealing with an incredibly different community. These people looked at me, saw what I did and had no interest in it. They told me bluntly to stop taking something as silly as Youtube Poop so seriously.

At this point, I saw two major options. 1. Leave and go back to my own place where I could experiment with ideas as I wished, or 2. Assimilate into YC's culture and try to become one of them.

I chose neither. I viciously kept fighting, I just changed tactics, I started using sarcasm as a tool to keep myself from being hit with a "you're taking this too seriously". I would joke around all the time and never be serious, so that when I was serious, I could take it back as a joke if I needed to. This worked very well up until the point I started getting confused about who I really was. I needed to pick between two people, did I want to be "Joe who treats YTP as art" or "Joe who treats YTP as a game", because doing both was not working. During these times, I stopped being sarcastic and I started fighting for one side but claiming to be on the other. I started trying to be "one of them" on YC, until I cracked from the pressure.

YouChew had become more stress than it was fun, so I left. For this reason, and for far too many others to name. I should have never looked back, but I did... wanna know what I saw? One post... first line... "I think you're taking this too seriously". I exited from the site and swore to never return and to hate all the Chewers out there who tried to crush my spirit for YTP. They had wrecked me. I got lost in this world and decided the only way out was to cut myself from the people who were draining my energy for this art form.

Now people think I'm taking this YouChew thing too seriously, and I'm pretty sure I'll get someone telling me after this that I'm taking the entire thing too seriously.

What do I plan to do? Nothing. I'm who I am... why do I have to change the way I act for anybody, I don't have to change the way I act. If I want to take this too seriously, I will, if I want to joke about it afterwards I will. YouChew, Axe and Stu in particular, you won't drain my energy for YTP... no one will. I am gonna take this shit so seriously, that I'll stop taking it seriously. Behind this message, is some kid who wants to enjoy YTP in his own way... and that's exactly what he's going to do.

I hope you enjoyed this overly serious message from your seriously serious friend Joe.

If you read this, comment on my channel "SRS BIZNES YO" and tell me what you think. Am I taking this too seriously? Don't answer that, I already know the answer. Tell me what you think, and I'll decide whether I want to take that seriously. I'll take it all too seriously, and when I'm done, I'll be completely serious about it. I'll be counting how many comments say I'm taking this too seriously, I'm serious about that.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Congratulations to AmericanMangaka

My opponent, you are foolish, now I can tennis you knowing all of your secrets and your weak points.

Not really, so AmericanMangaka, a Little Dragon, has reached 1000 subscribers. (Seriously, how many Little Dragons are gonna hit 1K this year) So as per my tradition, I interviewed him. AmericanMangaka was one of the second generation Little Dragons, which is a fancy term for saying he wasn't the first eight, but he was in the first eleven. He started out not incredibly special to some, but I backed him up, and I think I was the one who suggested he use effects along with his sentence mixing. He started really taking off at the time BarneyIsPerverted did. So now he's here, at one thousand subscribers.

"You've really started taking off at a rapid rate recently. There was a time long ago when you used to be really underrated and had almost no followers. But you've finally earned the attention you deserved.

1. Are there any people that you think were vital to your rise to fame in YTP, could you name a few?

 I would have to say the people who have gotten me the most attention are, you, SWG, cs188, and BarneyIsPerverted. They have all either, Favorited, Liked, or featured my video on their channel.

2. How do you feel about the multitude of fast rising but apparently unoriginal spongebob YTPers who have recently come into the light?

 To be honest, a bit pissed. I have seen many YTPers make horrible Spongebob YTPs and yet get 200 thumbs up and 1000 subbers in one day.

3. What are your beliefs about YTP being art? Do you agree with those who say it is, or not?

 Personally, I think it is an art. For someone to make a great YTP, they have to have talent and some sort of creativity to come up with the crazy stuff I've seen.

4. What is your favorite YTP, or the one that most influenced your style?

 Well, I can't really say I have a favorite, but the YTP that has most influenced me is "A shocking expose on Krabby Patties" It was one of the first YTPs I had watched and it influenced me to use Spongebob as a source, and to use sentence mixing more than anything else.

5. Who is your favorite YTPer, or the one that most influenced your style?

 My favorite YTPer is Krobo. His YTPs are frickin' hilarious. If anyone deserves to be called, "an artist at YTP", it's him.

6. What made you want to start making YTPs?

 After I started getting into watching YTPs, all these ideas started popping up in my head of crazy stuff I could do. So, I pulled up WMM (lol) and started making my own horrible YTPs.

7. What do you think was the best source that you ever used in a YTP you made?

 I really want to say Spongebob, because they are my most popular. And I want to say Metalocalypse, because it's my favorite. But the best source I have used in a YTP has to be commercials. For some reason, when I use commercials, they just turn out epic.

8. What is one thing in YTP that is popular, but you don't think is very appealing?

 Random effects and masking. You know, kinda like, Jurg62, EmperorLemon, and LinkOnDrugs' style. No offense to them it's just that, so many people have been using that style of YTP that it's getting kinda boring.

9. What's one thing that you would change about the YTP community right now if you could?

 I would want to change this love for bad YTPs people have now, Kinda like the way most users on YouChew act. I've seen some horrid YTPs on YC and they all have 5 stars and several views. It confuses and infuriates me!!!

10. What's one word you'd use to sum up your adventure in YTP?


Joe's Irrelevant Bonus Question (extra points for answering): ARE YOU READY FOR THE EPICNESS THAT WILL OCCUR IN OUR TENNIS?

YES!!! BUT THE REAL QUESTION IS, ARE YOU READY????!!! Now where are my extra points?"

That wraps it up I think. I want to thank AmericanMangaka for accepting my offer to be interviewed.

Here's some links:

Influencing Works:
Favorite YTP Artist:
Youtube Channel:
His account on TLD: (Not that he uses it, lol)

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Losing it's shine

I've currently run onto a problem, it just hit me recently, I've been watching some shows on TV that I like... keep in mind I haven't done this for months now. These shows had me losing control of myself with laughter, and it made me realize, YTP used to do the same thing. It really just hit me, I realize that I hardly find most YTPs funny anymore... and none of them make me lose control like I used to. The last YTP that I saw that made me laugh really hard was ButtonsTheDragon's Yugioh YTPs. Other than that, I haven't laughed very hard at most YTPs.

I don't really know what this means, I'm certainly not going to stop making/watching YTP anytime soon. If it appears that I'm not watching some of your videos, or just not commenting, don't feel as if I'm trying to ignore you. I'm probably just not in the mood to watch.

Something you might wonder: Is this going to hinder the AIDS tourney? Nope, I'm only looking for originality in those videos, so I don't really need to laugh.

I just posted this since I feel like I should put it out there that YTP isn't as strong in me as it used to be.

Also if you're reading this, post the word "dolphin" on my channel. If nobody does this, then nobody reads my blog, end of story... Joe gets all rights to complain and bitch 24/7. I'm overrated, I'm stupid, nobody cares about me, and some other pessimistic stuff about myself. WOOHOO! Hooray for negativity!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Congratulations BenderPictures!

BenderPictures is one of the more recent of the Little Dragons, the second newest. I met him when JestersOfChaos advertised "Poop Standoff", a contest started by him. I didn't win, but being as new as I was to YTP, I considered it a huge accomplishment to get to the semi-finals. Since then, Bender and I have still been close, and with his fairly new BP show, I became his partner-in-crime. And now, he's reached a huge accomplishment, 1000 subscribers. So as a part of my strict tradition of interviewing Little Dragons at that peak, I decided that I would give Bender a break from interviewing, and interview him instead.

"Well there Mr. Bender, you started out as a mere spa-dinner YTPer and you've managed to come to be a masteful sentence mixer, while also holding a popular contest and YTP talkshow. It has all led up to you gaining 1000 subscribers, while you say subscribers don't matter, this is an accomplishment nonetheless. So let's begin with our interrogation, shall we?"

1. Who are the people who influenced your opinion to be how it is today, you definitely have open opinions, but is there anyone who kind of made you think the way you do?

"A little bit of everyone, actually. When I think about it for a split second I'm tempted to say nobody, and that I'm not so much influenced by others and that most of the stuff I say just popped into my head. And that's definitely true for some things, but not for others. I'd say you have a huge impact on my opinions, Joe, if we're going for specific examples. You inform me on certain things I have no idea about, and you proofread some of my BP Show scripts just so you make sure I've got my facts straight. You have a huge impact on what I say, and thus indirectly can effect my opinions."

Let's face it - I'm a really, really busy guy. I've got voice overs due every day, I do comics, animation, the BP Show, Poop Standoff, YTPs, as well as time for friends and school. I just don't have enough time to hang around the world of YTP as I'd like, and so I rely heavily on people like you to get me what I need to know.

2. You used to be very open about not liking ear rape and color effects, has that gone away completely, or does a tiny bit of bias still exist?

"It definitely used to be a huge issue with me, no doubt. But that's when I was coming off a one-year hiatus from YTP and had essentially lost an entire year of YTP. When I came back, it was all different, there were all these weird techniques I knew nothing about, and like a typical Spa-Dinner fag that I was back then, rather than checking it out and being open minded, I closed myself off from it and rejected it wholly. Even after my Spa-Dinner ways ended, I kept the same mentality because I simply never gave it a chance.

When I finally did expand my horizons, I tried my best to like it but just didn't see what was so great about effects and ear rape, but I vowed not to bash them. Gradually it's faded, however, and I'm proud to say that today I have absolutely no bias against effects and ear-rape heavy poopers and their unique creations. There are so many styles of YTP. That's what makes it great, at least that's what I say today. It was so gradual I can't put much of a timetable on it, but it grew on me. I'd say there was still a hint of resentment as late as the first BP episode, which was back in February, but since then I've fully accepted it."

3. Do you approve, or better yet, even know about Professor David Bailey's attempts to bring the attention of the academic community to YTP?
"Yes, I know about that. It sounds like a disaster waiting to happen. I heard on YTPNews that he's not going to even do it live now, which to me pretty much kills any chance of success this guy would have had with introducing it to some of these crusty old guys. I don't really care about it, but I suppose I'll be interested to see how it turns out. But I'll never mention it in the show, as it's not a News show. People always mistakenly refer to the BP Show as a news-y thing, but if you actually pay attention it's more like an opinion editorial than a front page story."

4. What inspired you to create the first Poop Standoff?
"I felt that Poop Factor was too dead and worn out, and wanted to continue the spirit of the contest, since I liked the format, but I wanted to rebrand it and declare it as a new contest. Thus, Poop Standoff was born. MegaWeegie and Nickallow Bros recently started up (ugh) Poop Factor FOUR. I still wanted to host a contest, but I wanted it to be my own. I had been running Poop Factor for some time (which they now seem to deny), but it wasn't mine, it was just me taking over while NickallowBros disappeared for a year. Poop Standoff, however, is ALL MINE! (evil laugh)"

5. What is your favorite YTP of all time, or the one that influenced how you make videos the most?

"I hate to take a pass on this, but I really can't pin it to one video. I'll say my style has personally been influenced by Quibby's videos more than anyone else, even though most people don't seem to see the resemblence (which is very good). As for my favorite, I've got dozens, but I'll just pick one at random instead of chickening out on this question. There's this old one called "Faces of Evil (Most Things Break)" and it's one of the funniest things I've ever seen. It's just so out there, especially for an oldie."

6. Who is your favorite YTPer, or the one that influenced your style the most?

"This is kind of related to the last question. Like I said, style-wise, I'm most influenced today by Quibby, but his poops are not my favorite. I like the work of Hurricoaster, even though he takes months to release videos. BarneyIsPerverted is also a favorite of mine, and in my mind they are much better than the typical SB pooper, which may be more of a lessened insult to those who absolutely hate the source"

7. What are the top three YTPers who you think have way more attention than you would have given them if you could control it?
"3. DurhamRockerz (I think he's a fine pooper, make no mistake, I just don't feel anything all too special. In other words, he's good in my eyes, but just not great.)
2. 90% of the people featured by other poopers. They seem to mostly go after people who imitate their styles. That's why I don't feature people on my channel. That, and the fact that I have no style-copycats that I know of. Probably because no one would want to imitate my style. I readily acknowlege that almost all my subbers come from BP Show and PS2 nowadays, not really my YTPs.
1. Deepercutt."
[Joe: You forgot about me]

8. Where do you see your style going in the future, are you certain yet about whether you'll be leaving WMM behind for good?

"Well, I haven't told anyone this before, but at this point I'm not really contemplating leaving behind WMM as much as I am the active making of YTPs. I just have no desire to make any more poops, even though I do have the desire to continue my contest and show. I just don't have the time to fit making YTPs in there, and even if I did, I don't think I'd be coming up with too many great ideas anyway.

Now assuming that I do continue, I won't leave WMM behind for sure. I'm going to mess around with heavier editing stuff, but I wouldn't say I'd abandon the old program completely. I might take a stroll down memory lane, or use it to exercise and test my sentence mixing in a more basic program. If I continue, I see my style still being mostly centered around sentence mixing more than effects, but I'll actually be using some effects instead of having next to none in my videos. Maybe some sex jokes here and there. I may cut the storylining for non-CD-i/AIDs sources, though."

9. If you could pick to be any active YTPer right now, who would you be?

"You know, it's funny. I wouldn't change a thing. I like where I'm at, and I'm proud of what I've done on this account, and I wouldn't really give that up and trade it with anyone. I'm happy being BenderPictures, even with all the quirky "other stuff" that makes up the majority of my videos as opposed to actual poops. It's a lot of fun, and I know for sure there isn't anyone else in the YTP community with content quite like mine."

10. What is your favorite part about making a YTP?

"This sounds bad, but it's without a doubt the joy and relief of being finished. I love sitting back and watching the finished product and its feedback. Now with the BP Show, I love making the show much more than being done with it. It's just more fun for me, and despite the limitlessness of YTP, I actually have much more fun in front of the mic, like I can do more things and be more myself."

Joe's Irrelevant Bonus Question (extra points for answering): Will you talk about this interview or provide a link to it so that your viewers can come and see this interview and then rage at you and me for it?

"Sure, I'll do it. Why not? It's fun being interviewed for once, instead of giving them. And you know what, Joe? I think it'd be cool if you actually started doing live interviews now. Or at least just for me, since people are used to hearing my voice. I just think it'd be cool if it was a verbal conversation as opposed to just text, but you do whatever you want with it."
[Translation: My fans raging at Joe hmm... hell yes. I'm also going to be a BarneyIsPerverted rip-off by answering the question with a suggestion for Joe like he did. Oh, and Joe, you're overrated.]

"One more thing:

Thanks for choosing me to interview, it actually caught me by surprise when you first mentioned it. And a quick thank you to all my subscribers who support me, watch my videos, and leave feedback. It means a lot, so I thought I'd say a long overdue thanks to you all, since I know this interview is, after all, related to my pursuit of one thousand subscribers.

Thank You!"

There you have it.

Links: Go find them yourself chumps.

Just kidding.

Bender's Channel:

Bender's Influences:

Bender on Little Dragons:

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Congratulations TheSwagganator!

TheSwagganator and I have known each other for quite some time now. He was one of the first YTPers I met when I opened my first Youtube account. We weren't very close at first, and it was more of a fan/YTPer connection, with me being the fanboy as usual. When I closed my first account due to extreme complications in my life at the time, TheSwagganator was one of the people who made me most want to come back. So when I did come back, he became one of the first original Little Dragons. I've watched this guy go from less than 100 subscribers, all the way to 1000 subscribers, and he deserves every one of them. I watched him change from being a spa-dinner styled WMMer to a Vegas master of sentence mixing and visuals. He's worked hard and thanks to that effort, he is now getting the attention he deserves. I'm willing to say that in 2012, if he sticks around for that long, he'll start to become a really big name in YTP. I decided to ask him a few questions to commemorate this great achievement.

"Now you've finally broken into 4 digits of subscribers, while I on the other hand have only managed to write half of this interview and lose it all at the touch of a button. But hey, that's completely irrelevant. So let's get down to questions."

1. What inspired you to make YTPs, how did you find it?

The first YouTube Poop I saw was on a friend of mine's channel. Finding it pretty funny, I looked up more YouTube poops. The first videos I saw were all flash-based Hotel Mario poops. (There were a lot of flash poops back in '09) Eventually, I got the idea that I should make my own videos with Windows Movie Maker, and so that's how I began.

2. Who is your favorite YTPer and what is your favorite YTP?

I don't think I could pick just one person as my "favorite YTPer". When I first started watching YTP, my favorite poopers were guys like SGhonk and Themysteriouspirate. At one point, I was even a huge Lugialga fan. Now, though, it's hard to say. Madanonymous, of course, would be an obvious choice, as I cannot even begin to fathom how much work must be put into his videos. DinnerWarrior, though, is consistently one of the best poopers, and I love his brilliant sentence mixing. As for my "favorite YTP of all time" I suppose IAmTheGang's "The King". It's a YTP classic, as far as I'm concerned.

3. If you had to choose one person to thank for helping you get this far, whether it be in real life or on the internet, who would you thank?

A multitude of people have helped me out at different steps along the way... therangenub, Animatics1Solstice, Sebobum... these guys all watched my videos before they were popular, and if it weren't for them, I would probably have never started. Joethebluedragon helped me connect with other poopers in the community, and has been a great help to me. And then there's all the "crazy fans" that keep fueling my oversized ego. Without them, I would have quit a long time ago.

4. If you had to choose between only using visual effects or only using sentence mixing, which would you choose?

Well, you know that I'd never limit myself to only one style. Each video I make experiments with several different styles, some more visual based, some more "memetic", and some with mostly sentence-mixing. If I HAD to pick one, I would pick sentence mixing, as it is a universal humor that, although it can be difficult to produce, it can be hilarious if done properly.

5. What are your upcoming plans? Do you have any information about your subscriber special you wouldn't mind sharing?
[The question was asked before he released his subscriber special. It can be found on his channel or if you come at the right time, it may be still auto-playing on my channel]

Well, my subscriber special has already been released, so there's not much point in talking about that. I would like to say, however, that I will be uploading videos more regularly now that I have software to work with. So expect to see more videos soon. They could be anything from effects poops to more sentence mixing.

6. What is the thing that you love the most about YTP and its community?

I like how many poopers selflessly make videos for the entertainment of others. Some YouTubers get profit for their videos, but for poopers, it's solely for the lulz.

7. Your style has definitely changed over the past couple of months. What would you say was the cause of this?

Two reasons: The first reason, to be honest, was because I just grew bored from making simple audio replacement poops and wanted to try new things. I soon learned how great sentence mixing could be, and used that more frequently. The first video that I tried this I believe was "Morshu's Day Off". The sentence mixing was pretty choppy in this video, but it was a huge leap forward for me. The second reason was that I started using Vegas instead of WMM. This really gave me the opportunity to try new things, like masking heads, and using improved effects.

8. You used Windows Movie Maker for a long time now, but now you use Vegas. How great would you say this changed how you made YTPs? What advice could you give to people still using WMM?

Vegas really expanded my horizons and added a new dimension to my videos. I don't think I could ever go back to using WMM ever again. I rely on Vegas's effects, its multilayer editing, and video masking to make my videos entertaining. WMM has its drawbacks, but I would recommend it for anyone who doesn't have that much experience, or is only beginning to dip their toes in the waters of YTP. It's easy to use, and best of all, it's free.

9. What is your favorite YTP source you have ever used?

In case you can't tell from watching my videos, my favorite source is the Zelda CD-i cutscenes. While I'm not a spa-dinnerfag anymore, I'll always be a CD-ifag. Overused as it may be, its familiarity makes it easy to understand, and fairly easy to sentence mix.

10. How does it feel to have come this far? What is going on in your mind right now knowing that you got 1000 people who subscribed to you?

I never thought that I would get this far, nor did I really ever aim for it. I just wanted to make people laugh, nothing less, and nothing more. I guess now that I have come this far, I can do this on a wider scale though.

Joe's Irrelevant Bonus Question (extra points for answering): As you used to be an amazing WMM user, do you support Joe's ideas that with enough practice and effort, that he can become a great YTPer up to the level of Vegas users by using Windows Movie Maker? 

Well, it is quite possible to make decent sentence mixing in WMM. Vegas doesn't actually make sentence mixing any easier. And if you have the help of external programs, such as PhotoShop, PowerPoint, even Paint... that helps quite a bit. So unless you need to make an Imaperson-esque video, yes, WMM is very usable, even if it may take a little extra work on your part.
(My Translation of that: Well, myself and many others proved that it was definitely a possibility, so yes. However, Joe, you will always be a bad YTPer, it's embedded into your blood, no matter what video editor you use.)

And there you have it!

His channel:

Subscriber Special:

Favorite YTP:
TheSwagganator on The Little Dragons:

Monday, March 21, 2011

Interview with BarneyIsPerverted

As we all know, a recent overnight YTP star has risen to high ranks in our community. He started off in a very amazing way and got what he deserved from the community in fame. BarneyIsPerverted is his username, some claim him to be SantaWithGun or Hurricoaster, but he has debunked these claims. (Personally I never got it, I don't think his style is like either of the two, if anything I think his style is most like Cs188. But there are several reasons he isn't him.) He's his own name, and he's dashing towards the top in YTP. So I decided to ask him a few questions while he was still, early in his career.

"It is time... the time that we ask the question... what is the meaning of life?" And it's so we can watch your marvelous YTPs. Now, I'd like to ask ye a few questions if you don't mind. You are one of the fastest to claim fame in YTP in so long now. Since we already know about your influences and favorite YTPers, we'll just skip onto the other important questions.

1. Your jump to fame has been fast and amazing. Were you even expecting the slightest bit that you would be able to have this many subscribers, what did you honestly think was going to happen?

I thought that my first video was pretty good, so I was optimistic about eventually being discovered. But I never expected to get 1000 subscribers in only a month. Maybe in a year, but definitely not a month. I was surprised to see how many of the pro YTPers actually liked my video enough to feature it on their channels. That was really what caused so many people to find me. I owe my success to Hurricoaster, cs188, SantaWithGuns, and anybody else who featured me.

2. Do you think you'll be able to hold this rate of subscribers, or do you think the fifteen minutes of fame are up and it's not going to be easy anymore?

 I doubt that my subscriber rate will stay the same. The reason is because most of my subscribers are users who discovered me through those other popular YTPers. Now that the people who frequently go to those users' channels have gotten a chance to see my videos, and decided to either subscribe to me or to not care, the only way for people to find me now is if they happen to find me by chance. Right now, I am getting around 10-20 subscribers on a normal day, and I don't even know where they are coming from or how they found me.

3. We know your favorite YTPers. But what would you say would be your favorite YTP of all time? If you can't think of it, then what is the YTP that has influenced your own work the most?

My favorite YTP of all time is "Mr Krabs and Squidward's Plan To Kill Spongebob" by SantaWithTeeth. That one is a classic. The first time I saw that video was a couple years ago, and I have watched it at least a hundred times since then. Somehow it NEVER gets old, even though I don't laugh at it as much as I used to. That's the thing about his videos...they are somehow really enjoyable to watch even when the humor has almost dried out. As for the most influential one, "It's Rip Snortin' Time" by Hurricoaster is the main one which I base my style off of. I don't use as many effects as he does, but he is the one who inspired me to do all that masking.

4. What is your plan from here on out? More spongebob YTPs, more YTPs of other sources, maybe a decrease in your speed of putting out YTPs?

I will probably do more Spongebob YTPs, as well as some poops from other kids' shows and some commercials. The problem with Spongebob is that there are only so many episodes that are "poopable" AND have not been edited so many times that I cannot possibly hope to do anything original with them. I am also not interested in editing any of the recent episodes, since those are crap. As for my speed in uploading, it will almost definitely slow down starting next school year. The reason for this is because right now, I'm taking online courses instead of going to school, and so I have a ton of free time on my hands. But next year I go back to school, and the year after that I go to college. I will still try to keep posting, but I will probably not be able to upload a 3-5 minute long video every couple weeks like I have been doing since I first started.

5. What do you have to say regarding some of the people who think your fanboys are out of control, and in some cases... just messed up in the head? Do you think your fans are perfectly in line, or would you prefer that they don't make it a big deal every time you comment on a video?

So far, nobody has made any comments about the way my fans behave. As for my opinion, I think most of my fans are perfectly normal, but there are a few of them who make a big deal about it when I comment on a video. I find it a little weird when that happens, since I am just a new user who only started making videos a little while ago. Not only that, but YTPers in general are just teens/young adults behind their computers who happen to have some editing skills and a good imagination. I don't know why people think that we are celebrities or something. I'm just glad that some people actually like my videos that much, and I usually find it amusing when people show their extreme fanboy-ism.
[Joe: For the record, I saw it in a comment on a video after someone raved about BiP commenting]

6. Tell me honestly, do you prefer your huge audience? Or would you have preferred to have some time as an underrated artist before you shot up to be the next big thing?

I like all the attention I have been getting. To be honest, I don't like the idea of being underrated. A long time ago, one of my friends and I used to make a bunch of random skit videos and put them on YouTube, hoping to get alot of views. We didn't. It does not feel good to put a ton of effort into something and get no recognition for it. I really enjoy posting a video and instantly getting a ton of comments from people telling me how much they like it. The only drawback to having all these subscribers is that now I feel more pressure to produce videos more quickly, but it is definitely worth it.

7. What do you think your best YTP you ever made was? Do you think the quality of your work is going up or down?

I still like "Spingebill Has A Pickle Fetish" the best. To me, that one is already a classic. That episode is by far the most poopable one out there, and I am extremely lucky that nobody beat me to any of the edits I put in there, since some of them seem so obvious. However, I usually surprise myself with how much I am able to do with each video. For instance, I thought at first that "Spingebill Is Very Insertive" was going to be a boring filler video based around a few clever jokes that I had thought of a long time ago, but as I actually started editing it, I was able to get more creative than I had originally expected. So maybe I will end up producing a video that I like even better, but until then, I will never know.

8. If you had to choose, would you choose to be an "all ear rape/effects" artist like Imaperson and Avojaifnot, or would you be a "sentence mixer only" artist like BenderPictures and SwishFilmsInc?

That's a really tough question. But if I had to choose, I would probably become an effects pooper, just because there are so many possibilities with those kinds of videos. Word splicing is great, but there are only so many times I can make Spongebob say "shit" before it gets old.

9. One day we all have to quit this game of YTP. When do you think you will quit? It can be a number of subscribers, or an amount of time?

I don't think I will ever make any plans on quitting. I'm not going to stop making videos just because I reach a certain number of subscribers. I think when I don't feel like making videos anymore, I will probably just slowly fade out. My posting frequency will get slower and slower, until I'm not making videos at all. And I won't close my account. But that will probably be a VERY long time from now, because I really enjoy making videos.

10. Using one word, describe your time as a YTPer so far


Joe's Irrelevant Bonus Question (Extra points for answering): What was the reason you subscribed to JoeTheBlueDragon? Was it for his channel or videos? If you had to choose now, what would it be?
I subbed you because you are a very dedicated YTP enthusiast, and I am interested in seeing what you post. I will admit that I believe you have alot of potential as a YTPer, but I am not quite sure that you are using all of it when you make your videos. Ideally you would make longer videos and use a more advanced editing software (YES, that does make a difference), but still I enjoy watching your vids.

[Translation: What kind of bonus question is that? Jeez, I hate this guy, I'd unsub but then he'd probably go on a freaking rant. I'm going to semi-answer this question, but only so I can piss him off by pulling the anti-WMM card]

And there you have it.

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First video:
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Oh, and also, BarneyIsPerverted recently signed up for "The Little Dragons"
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Friday, March 11, 2011

Principle Introductions

Over my time in YTP, I've been noting down in my head a number of theories, principles, and historic events of YTP that seem to be highly influential. I introduced one of them a while ago, but that's not up anymore. So I'm gonna dish a few out.

The MadAnonymous Principle: MadAnonymous is a YTPer who takes CDi and makes it into some amazingly original YTPs, with a style that is really hard to copy. (I think if you used After Effects it wouldn't be that hard though, but I'm not sure) His work is a symbol that, no matter what the source may be, if you are a good editor, you can make it work. I'm willing to bet that this guy could take only one picture of the King, mix and mash it up into several different frames and it would still be an amazing video. CDi is not dead, you may think you're so smart and teaching people to be creative... but if you were creative... you would know how to use CDi well.

The Waxonator vs. WalrusGuy Principle: In what I've confirmed, the only reason that WalrusGuy reached the epic fame that he did was due to the fact that he was so innovative that it was scary. His videos pushed the boundaries of YTP out of the little corner it was in... making the way for people like Waxonator. I think some of Walrusguy's videos were amazing. However, why was someone like Waxonator, who completely copied Walrusguy treated with such harsh criticism... how come I don't like him like WG? Easy, Waxonator probably figured he could just be the next WalrusGuy and copy his style... but you can't copy innovation... it doesn't work. Waxonator could only copy the things WalrusGuy did... not what he was capable of. Therefore, the things Waxonator did were no longer innovative... they were unoriginal as heck.

The DaThings1 Principle: Named after him because I thought about it while I was watching one of his videos... I have no freaking idea if it really fits his style. It's good if you can take a source and mash it up into the most amazing plot line ever, that's wonderful. However, if you can't... you shouldn't attempt it. You should manipulate the source and take what's inside of it and rearrange it, don't try to form something amazing that never existed. (TrueTubePoops, TheChewanater, FlummyWister, and me... that means you fellas, even though none of you are reading this, except for me, cause I'm the idiot writing this stuff) It's quite alright to try to get a little bit out of the box for practice so later on you can handle big things. But until then, you should take what you have and make it work.