Friday, January 21, 2011

What is a spinge?

Odd titles=relatively odd post I guess, maybe to some of you it will seem weird.

Spingeboob, sprengbab, spengebill, you know what all of these names mean, and so do thousands of others in the YTP community. There all clever names that spongebob YTP fanboys think will protect them from Viacom. Even SantaWithGuns says it doesn't do a thing to hide you from the V people. But that's beside the point.

Take a look at people like Chewyribit, and possibly even spongewithguns. People who have less skill than artists like DoomZappo or FlummyWister by a long shot. But, SpongeWithGuns has 500 subscribers, FlummyWister has yet to reach one hundred; Chewyribit has over 800 and DoomZappo hasn't even reached 500.

And also, supersaiyan and americanmangaka. They're about the same level of skill, but americanmangaka started before his cousin, and now his cousin has more subscribers than him.

I could go on for a while naming examples, but I don't have the time. The point is, I will never, EVER use spongebob as a source. It is not a fair source. Idiots who don't know how to make YTP are able to get up to two hundred subs, and millions of views handily. Heck, Hurricoaster reached 3000 without any effort at all, he's better now but still. And other people have to struggle, put their best effort into their work, and don't even get noticed. I'm talking about DoomZappo, FlummyWister, possibly even me for that matter. Yes, I'm overrated, but I feel underrated at the same time. Stupid people like RyuHattori get a million views without even editing their content, while I haven't even got a video with 400 views. Not to mention that 9 people are the only ones who watch my videos, I have no clue where the other 291 come from. So either they clicked on me by accident, or they need to speak up a bit.

That is all. I bid you farewell, thank you for reading and I hope you understand a tiny bit of the frustration that I've been having over this.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Opinions, opinions, opinions

Okay, I know after I post this, there are going to be a whole bunch of people angry with me. Particularly the HYTPHA members will get angered a bit. However, I'm not going to sit back and watch you guys continue what you are doing.

Let me get down to the story first. I joined the HYTPHA back in the summer of 2010 before it was created, by telling YER0CKY about SuperMamaLuigi9000, who he had already seen before but had not yet added to his list of "Worst" YTP Artists. Interested by the collab, I started searching for some videos and artists to submit for the HYTPHA (which was still not created at the time). I always felt a feeling of regret after I left a rude comment or insulted a style of YTP, even if it were not directly to the face of the artist. I always shook it off, because... hey, everyone else is doing it. After the TTP 500 subscriber incident, that side of me actually surfaced, YER0CKY was planning to use a video that I found funny for the collab. I was angry, and even told TrueTubePoops that I had always had a disapproval of the HYTPHA's actions deep down inside me, particularly YER0CKY's actions.

After that all blew over, I was back to my own blind puppet self. Mostly because, the videos YER0CKY was choosing now were ones that I did not like either. The feelings still burning inside of me that I was not doing the right thing. Now insert long month where nothing happens. Then my DID takes over. Let me explain something about my DID; everything it does, has some sort of deeper meaning that I end up realizing later on in my life. Well, it decided to take over MrWalrusGuy2 and make an account dedicated to protecting those who were bullied (notice lack of quotes) by the HYTPHA. Yea, it was a joke to start out with, but it quickly turned into something else when YER0CKY took it so seriously. It was the pushing factor to unleash all that was building up inside of me.

Why did I waste time writing all of that? More importantly, what am I going to do about it?

Well, I'm not going to take any direct action against anyone in the HYTPHA. Most of them are my associates, and great YTP artists. However, I will protest the YTP collabs in multiple ways. Reason with members of the HYTPHA to get them to stop. Possibly get some back-up from total supporters of "don't be a d***" on YouChew. But in the end, some members of the HYTPHA will get angry at me, and I'll probably have to resort to a few cheap tricks that I've been planning.

Last thought: YTP is like music, there is no "good" and bad".