Saturday, November 13, 2010

Just a thought

I think that people who have Vegas and other editors better than WMM are really stupid if they use only memes. Thats just gay. I mean, you can have amazing effects and visuals and yet all you choose to do is memes. I only thought of this because of a combination of seeing a Vegas artist using memes and I thought back about my idea for my very first YTP. (This was back when I imagined eventually I'd be able to get vegas, but alas I never was, and WMM is not strong enough to carry it out, might try it as a 100 subscriber special when the time comes)

If I had Vegas, iMovie, Adobe, or anything that could carry out decent effects/visuals. Man, I would have so many freaking ideas its not even funny, but it would be funny... if I had vegas. (Did you get that joke?) So, its just me saying, if you are lucky enough to have an editor better than WMM, make the most of it, and don't f***ing use memes.


  1. Buying Vegas to make a meme poop is like buying a Boeing Jet for the free peanuts... I'm just saying.