Tuesday, November 2, 2010

WalrusGuy Theory

This is a little tid-bit about walrusguy that I thought was too controversial and far-off to be included in the YTP theory (which I am still working on but haven't done much for recently). What would have happened if YTP had followed and gone in WalrusGuy's direction and he never got hacked?

Well first you have to understand what I mean by "WalrusGuy's Direction". I mean if YTP turned completely into WalrusGuy's style, and Nicholas was able to turn it into exactly what he wanted it to be. This would mean that Effects artists would decline so far and be even more rare than they are at this time. Artists would probably get into a rut of using WalrusGuy sources: "CDi, Super Mario, Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog, and Dr. Rabbit" If they chose not to adapt and go with different sources, originality would run out and slowly there would be less decent YTPs. WalrusGuy also could have easily inspired more meme spammers to take control of YTP. Eventually, (this is where the controversial far-off part happens) YTP would stop being funny and possibly even die out for good. Fortunately, Nicholas was hacked before YTP could take this dramatic wrong turn into demise. Ironically, this person may have saved us from the YTP apocolypse.

However, they probably did not do it with this idea in mind, they were just trying to get rid of WalrusGuy for good. And to this day, no one has any clue who did this. It could have been an angry effects artist pissed at Walrusguy for his belief that effects YTPs weren't actually YTP, it could have been a hacker looking for attention and trying to kill YTP all together, for all we know Colgate could have stooped as low as to hire someone to hack WalrusGuy their mortal enemy.

No matter what might have happened, and who prevented it from happening and with what intentions. YTP still flourishes today and the three styles of YTP, Effects Visuals and Sentence Mixing, all make up what is this wonderful thing called YTP. May it live on forever!

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