Friday, March 11, 2011

Principle Introductions

Over my time in YTP, I've been noting down in my head a number of theories, principles, and historic events of YTP that seem to be highly influential. I introduced one of them a while ago, but that's not up anymore. So I'm gonna dish a few out.

The MadAnonymous Principle: MadAnonymous is a YTPer who takes CDi and makes it into some amazingly original YTPs, with a style that is really hard to copy. (I think if you used After Effects it wouldn't be that hard though, but I'm not sure) His work is a symbol that, no matter what the source may be, if you are a good editor, you can make it work. I'm willing to bet that this guy could take only one picture of the King, mix and mash it up into several different frames and it would still be an amazing video. CDi is not dead, you may think you're so smart and teaching people to be creative... but if you were creative... you would know how to use CDi well.

The Waxonator vs. WalrusGuy Principle: In what I've confirmed, the only reason that WalrusGuy reached the epic fame that he did was due to the fact that he was so innovative that it was scary. His videos pushed the boundaries of YTP out of the little corner it was in... making the way for people like Waxonator. I think some of Walrusguy's videos were amazing. However, why was someone like Waxonator, who completely copied Walrusguy treated with such harsh criticism... how come I don't like him like WG? Easy, Waxonator probably figured he could just be the next WalrusGuy and copy his style... but you can't copy innovation... it doesn't work. Waxonator could only copy the things WalrusGuy did... not what he was capable of. Therefore, the things Waxonator did were no longer innovative... they were unoriginal as heck.

The DaThings1 Principle: Named after him because I thought about it while I was watching one of his videos... I have no freaking idea if it really fits his style. It's good if you can take a source and mash it up into the most amazing plot line ever, that's wonderful. However, if you can't... you shouldn't attempt it. You should manipulate the source and take what's inside of it and rearrange it, don't try to form something amazing that never existed. (TrueTubePoops, TheChewanater, FlummyWister, and me... that means you fellas, even though none of you are reading this, except for me, cause I'm the idiot writing this stuff) It's quite alright to try to get a little bit out of the box for practice so later on you can handle big things. But until then, you should take what you have and make it work.

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