Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Losing it's shine

I've currently run onto a problem, it just hit me recently, I've been watching some shows on TV that I like... keep in mind I haven't done this for months now. These shows had me losing control of myself with laughter, and it made me realize, YTP used to do the same thing. It really just hit me, I realize that I hardly find most YTPs funny anymore... and none of them make me lose control like I used to. The last YTP that I saw that made me laugh really hard was ButtonsTheDragon's Yugioh YTPs. Other than that, I haven't laughed very hard at most YTPs.

I don't really know what this means, I'm certainly not going to stop making/watching YTP anytime soon. If it appears that I'm not watching some of your videos, or just not commenting, don't feel as if I'm trying to ignore you. I'm probably just not in the mood to watch.

Something you might wonder: Is this going to hinder the AIDS tourney? Nope, I'm only looking for originality in those videos, so I don't really need to laugh.

I just posted this since I feel like I should put it out there that YTP isn't as strong in me as it used to be.

Also if you're reading this, post the word "dolphin" on my channel. If nobody does this, then nobody reads my blog, end of story... Joe gets all rights to complain and bitch 24/7. I'm overrated, I'm stupid, nobody cares about me, and some other pessimistic stuff about myself. WOOHOO! Hooray for negativity!

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