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Congratulations BenderPictures!

BenderPictures is one of the more recent of the Little Dragons, the second newest. I met him when JestersOfChaos advertised "Poop Standoff", a contest started by him. I didn't win, but being as new as I was to YTP, I considered it a huge accomplishment to get to the semi-finals. Since then, Bender and I have still been close, and with his fairly new BP show, I became his partner-in-crime. And now, he's reached a huge accomplishment, 1000 subscribers. So as a part of my strict tradition of interviewing Little Dragons at that peak, I decided that I would give Bender a break from interviewing, and interview him instead.

"Well there Mr. Bender, you started out as a mere spa-dinner YTPer and you've managed to come to be a masteful sentence mixer, while also holding a popular contest and YTP talkshow. It has all led up to you gaining 1000 subscribers, while you say subscribers don't matter, this is an accomplishment nonetheless. So let's begin with our interrogation, shall we?"

1. Who are the people who influenced your opinion to be how it is today, you definitely have open opinions, but is there anyone who kind of made you think the way you do?

"A little bit of everyone, actually. When I think about it for a split second I'm tempted to say nobody, and that I'm not so much influenced by others and that most of the stuff I say just popped into my head. And that's definitely true for some things, but not for others. I'd say you have a huge impact on my opinions, Joe, if we're going for specific examples. You inform me on certain things I have no idea about, and you proofread some of my BP Show scripts just so you make sure I've got my facts straight. You have a huge impact on what I say, and thus indirectly can effect my opinions."

Let's face it - I'm a really, really busy guy. I've got voice overs due every day, I do comics, animation, the BP Show, Poop Standoff, YTPs, as well as time for friends and school. I just don't have enough time to hang around the world of YTP as I'd like, and so I rely heavily on people like you to get me what I need to know.

2. You used to be very open about not liking ear rape and color effects, has that gone away completely, or does a tiny bit of bias still exist?

"It definitely used to be a huge issue with me, no doubt. But that's when I was coming off a one-year hiatus from YTP and had essentially lost an entire year of YTP. When I came back, it was all different, there were all these weird techniques I knew nothing about, and like a typical Spa-Dinner fag that I was back then, rather than checking it out and being open minded, I closed myself off from it and rejected it wholly. Even after my Spa-Dinner ways ended, I kept the same mentality because I simply never gave it a chance.

When I finally did expand my horizons, I tried my best to like it but just didn't see what was so great about effects and ear rape, but I vowed not to bash them. Gradually it's faded, however, and I'm proud to say that today I have absolutely no bias against effects and ear-rape heavy poopers and their unique creations. There are so many styles of YTP. That's what makes it great, at least that's what I say today. It was so gradual I can't put much of a timetable on it, but it grew on me. I'd say there was still a hint of resentment as late as the first BP episode, which was back in February, but since then I've fully accepted it."

3. Do you approve, or better yet, even know about Professor David Bailey's attempts to bring the attention of the academic community to YTP?
"Yes, I know about that. It sounds like a disaster waiting to happen. I heard on YTPNews that he's not going to even do it live now, which to me pretty much kills any chance of success this guy would have had with introducing it to some of these crusty old guys. I don't really care about it, but I suppose I'll be interested to see how it turns out. But I'll never mention it in the show, as it's not a News show. People always mistakenly refer to the BP Show as a news-y thing, but if you actually pay attention it's more like an opinion editorial than a front page story."

4. What inspired you to create the first Poop Standoff?
"I felt that Poop Factor was too dead and worn out, and wanted to continue the spirit of the contest, since I liked the format, but I wanted to rebrand it and declare it as a new contest. Thus, Poop Standoff was born. MegaWeegie and Nickallow Bros recently started up (ugh) Poop Factor FOUR. I still wanted to host a contest, but I wanted it to be my own. I had been running Poop Factor for some time (which they now seem to deny), but it wasn't mine, it was just me taking over while NickallowBros disappeared for a year. Poop Standoff, however, is ALL MINE! (evil laugh)"

5. What is your favorite YTP of all time, or the one that influenced how you make videos the most?

"I hate to take a pass on this, but I really can't pin it to one video. I'll say my style has personally been influenced by Quibby's videos more than anyone else, even though most people don't seem to see the resemblence (which is very good). As for my favorite, I've got dozens, but I'll just pick one at random instead of chickening out on this question. There's this old one called "Faces of Evil (Most Things Break)" and it's one of the funniest things I've ever seen. It's just so out there, especially for an oldie."

6. Who is your favorite YTPer, or the one that influenced your style the most?

"This is kind of related to the last question. Like I said, style-wise, I'm most influenced today by Quibby, but his poops are not my favorite. I like the work of Hurricoaster, even though he takes months to release videos. BarneyIsPerverted is also a favorite of mine, and in my mind they are much better than the typical SB pooper, which may be more of a lessened insult to those who absolutely hate the source"

7. What are the top three YTPers who you think have way more attention than you would have given them if you could control it?
"3. DurhamRockerz (I think he's a fine pooper, make no mistake, I just don't feel anything all too special. In other words, he's good in my eyes, but just not great.)
2. 90% of the people featured by other poopers. They seem to mostly go after people who imitate their styles. That's why I don't feature people on my channel. That, and the fact that I have no style-copycats that I know of. Probably because no one would want to imitate my style. I readily acknowlege that almost all my subbers come from BP Show and PS2 nowadays, not really my YTPs.
1. Deepercutt."
[Joe: You forgot about me]

8. Where do you see your style going in the future, are you certain yet about whether you'll be leaving WMM behind for good?

"Well, I haven't told anyone this before, but at this point I'm not really contemplating leaving behind WMM as much as I am the active making of YTPs. I just have no desire to make any more poops, even though I do have the desire to continue my contest and show. I just don't have the time to fit making YTPs in there, and even if I did, I don't think I'd be coming up with too many great ideas anyway.

Now assuming that I do continue, I won't leave WMM behind for sure. I'm going to mess around with heavier editing stuff, but I wouldn't say I'd abandon the old program completely. I might take a stroll down memory lane, or use it to exercise and test my sentence mixing in a more basic program. If I continue, I see my style still being mostly centered around sentence mixing more than effects, but I'll actually be using some effects instead of having next to none in my videos. Maybe some sex jokes here and there. I may cut the storylining for non-CD-i/AIDs sources, though."

9. If you could pick to be any active YTPer right now, who would you be?

"You know, it's funny. I wouldn't change a thing. I like where I'm at, and I'm proud of what I've done on this account, and I wouldn't really give that up and trade it with anyone. I'm happy being BenderPictures, even with all the quirky "other stuff" that makes up the majority of my videos as opposed to actual poops. It's a lot of fun, and I know for sure there isn't anyone else in the YTP community with content quite like mine."

10. What is your favorite part about making a YTP?

"This sounds bad, but it's without a doubt the joy and relief of being finished. I love sitting back and watching the finished product and its feedback. Now with the BP Show, I love making the show much more than being done with it. It's just more fun for me, and despite the limitlessness of YTP, I actually have much more fun in front of the mic, like I can do more things and be more myself."

Joe's Irrelevant Bonus Question (extra points for answering): Will you talk about this interview or provide a link to it so that your viewers can come and see this interview and then rage at you and me for it?

"Sure, I'll do it. Why not? It's fun being interviewed for once, instead of giving them. And you know what, Joe? I think it'd be cool if you actually started doing live interviews now. Or at least just for me, since people are used to hearing my voice. I just think it'd be cool if it was a verbal conversation as opposed to just text, but you do whatever you want with it."
[Translation: My fans raging at Joe hmm... hell yes. I'm also going to be a BarneyIsPerverted rip-off by answering the question with a suggestion for Joe like he did. Oh, and Joe, you're overrated.]

"One more thing:

Thanks for choosing me to interview, it actually caught me by surprise when you first mentioned it. And a quick thank you to all my subscribers who support me, watch my videos, and leave feedback. It means a lot, so I thought I'd say a long overdue thanks to you all, since I know this interview is, after all, related to my pursuit of one thousand subscribers.

Thank You!"

There you have it.

Links: Go find them yourself chumps.

Just kidding.

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