Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Congratulations to AmericanMangaka

My opponent, you are foolish, now I can tennis you knowing all of your secrets and your weak points.

Not really, so AmericanMangaka, a Little Dragon, has reached 1000 subscribers. (Seriously, how many Little Dragons are gonna hit 1K this year) So as per my tradition, I interviewed him. AmericanMangaka was one of the second generation Little Dragons, which is a fancy term for saying he wasn't the first eight, but he was in the first eleven. He started out not incredibly special to some, but I backed him up, and I think I was the one who suggested he use effects along with his sentence mixing. He started really taking off at the time BarneyIsPerverted did. So now he's here, at one thousand subscribers.

"You've really started taking off at a rapid rate recently. There was a time long ago when you used to be really underrated and had almost no followers. But you've finally earned the attention you deserved.

1. Are there any people that you think were vital to your rise to fame in YTP, could you name a few?

 I would have to say the people who have gotten me the most attention are, you, SWG, cs188, and BarneyIsPerverted. They have all either, Favorited, Liked, or featured my video on their channel.

2. How do you feel about the multitude of fast rising but apparently unoriginal spongebob YTPers who have recently come into the light?

 To be honest, a bit pissed. I have seen many YTPers make horrible Spongebob YTPs and yet get 200 thumbs up and 1000 subbers in one day.

3. What are your beliefs about YTP being art? Do you agree with those who say it is, or not?

 Personally, I think it is an art. For someone to make a great YTP, they have to have talent and some sort of creativity to come up with the crazy stuff I've seen.

4. What is your favorite YTP, or the one that most influenced your style?

 Well, I can't really say I have a favorite, but the YTP that has most influenced me is "A shocking expose on Krabby Patties" It was one of the first YTPs I had watched and it influenced me to use Spongebob as a source, and to use sentence mixing more than anything else.

5. Who is your favorite YTPer, or the one that most influenced your style?

 My favorite YTPer is Krobo. His YTPs are frickin' hilarious. If anyone deserves to be called, "an artist at YTP", it's him.

6. What made you want to start making YTPs?

 After I started getting into watching YTPs, all these ideas started popping up in my head of crazy stuff I could do. So, I pulled up WMM (lol) and started making my own horrible YTPs.

7. What do you think was the best source that you ever used in a YTP you made?

 I really want to say Spongebob, because they are my most popular. And I want to say Metalocalypse, because it's my favorite. But the best source I have used in a YTP has to be commercials. For some reason, when I use commercials, they just turn out epic.

8. What is one thing in YTP that is popular, but you don't think is very appealing?

 Random effects and masking. You know, kinda like, Jurg62, EmperorLemon, and LinkOnDrugs' style. No offense to them it's just that, so many people have been using that style of YTP that it's getting kinda boring.

9. What's one thing that you would change about the YTP community right now if you could?

 I would want to change this love for bad YTPs people have now, Kinda like the way most users on YouChew act. I've seen some horrid YTPs on YC and they all have 5 stars and several views. It confuses and infuriates me!!!

10. What's one word you'd use to sum up your adventure in YTP?


Joe's Irrelevant Bonus Question (extra points for answering): ARE YOU READY FOR THE EPICNESS THAT WILL OCCUR IN OUR TENNIS?

YES!!! BUT THE REAL QUESTION IS, ARE YOU READY????!!! Now where are my extra points?"

That wraps it up I think. I want to thank AmericanMangaka for accepting my offer to be interviewed.

Here's some links:

Influencing Works: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M9jtYFuiMpE
Favorite YTP Artist: http://www.youtube.com/user/dikekike
Youtube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/americanmangaka
His account on TLD: http://thelittledragons.webs.com/apps/profile/71941592/ (Not that he uses it, lol)

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